Happy Plugs is donating to Refugee Crisis in Europe

Happy Plugs has decided to auction off a pair of 18-carat gold headphones (95 000 SEK) to support Rebecca Stella Simon’s support for the Red Cross, offering refugees food, medical care and shelter.

So far, this year, more than 300,000 refugees have fled across the Mediterranean from war, violence, conflict and persecution. Every day a large number of refugees arrive on the shores of south Europe in need of shelter, food, health care and water.

Happy Plugs has decided to auction off a pair of 18-karat golden headphones (95 000 SEK) via the Swedish auction site Tradera/eBay. All money that the auction will bring will go to Rebecca Stella Simon’s Red Cross collection.

The Red Cross offers refugee support in the Mediterranean countries (Syria, Lebanon, Italy, Greece). Thousands of volunteers provide first aid and distribute emergency relief such as food, water, soap, diapers, baby bottles and sleeping bags. They provide support, medical care and shelter.

To get to the auction, click this link: (In Swedish)

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