We present to you The Marble Collection

Happy Plugs introduces new products to the marble collection and the family is now complete with Earbud and In-Ear headphones, iPhone Slim case and Laptop skin. The stylish marble collection is designed after the inspiring colors of White Carrara marble, Jade Green marble and Black Saint Laurent marble and paired with the successful metallics of silver, gold and rose gold.

The first addition to Happy Plugs Marble collection is White Carrara, a timeless favorite fused with a touch of modern elegance with rose gold details. Inspired by the most famous marble Carrara from Italy.

Our forest gem, the bold Jade Green Marble, incorporates the fine qualities and colors of the forest. Jade Green Marble’s superior elegance is reflected in the golden details.

Black Saint Laurent is a kind of black marble quarried in France. It is distinctive and elegant with its black with browns and white veins and topped with silver.