Earbuds With Microphone : Benefits, Pros, Cons And Buying Guide

How many times has this happened with you, that one time you needed your hands-free and the most it's one side just stopped working or its jack gets off?

Read along to find out why and how you choose/buy earbuds with a microphone? Here is a precise answer for all your problems Earbuds with Microphone: Benefits, Pros, Cons and Buying Guide:

Earbuds with microphones are tiny speakers that fit your ear perfectly and work like a charm. They are portable, easy to use, and durable. They have got good sound quality with a noise cancellation feature. Earbuds being wireless keeps you safe from the hassle.

Let's get started and help you find the best pair of earbuds with a microphone for you or your loved ones. Let me help you by walking through crucial factors and keeping them in mind.

What Are The Right Air Buds For You?

What Are The Right Air Buds For You?

I am sure many of us have experienced the wires of earphones getting muddled chaotically in one another (specially with kids earphones). Honestly, it takes an eternity to get them straight.

Most of us have gone through the frustration of having a dead microphone in the middle of our critical meetings and classes. But say no more! Earbud with a microphone has got you covered.

Choosing the right air buds for yourself is quite a task, but don't you worry, you will be all sorted at the end of this discussion. Here are some pros and cons you should be looking forward to:



Gone are the days where you find yourself struggling with the hands-free wires and say hello to the wireless earbuds with a microphone that is easy to use and is on the go.

They will save a lot of your time and effort and will give you a pleasurable experience at the tip of your fingers. Since there are no pesky wires in earbuds with a microphone, they are very durable.

Noise Cancellation

This feature is here to give you long uninterrupted hours of audio at your comfort. It helps you with clear conversation no matter where you are. Passive cancellation means what the earbuds with microphones provide physically.

Active noise is when the sound pressure of the noise wave is high; the canceling wave is low (and vice versa). The opposite sound waves collide and are eliminated or canceled.

Aptex Codec

APTX is a proven technology, which compresses and then decompresses the audio as the audio travels from a source device (for example, a phone) to a receiving device like a wireless speaker.

The method is performed to transmit audio over Bluetooth without damaging the quality.

Sleek Design

It's not wrong to say that earbuds contemporary design and colors are to die. It will give you so classy and state-of-the-art vibes that are hard to take off.


Anyone can pull them off with any outfit, be it professional or casual. Good pair of sleek and fashionable earbuds with a microphone is worth it. 

Long-Lasting Battery

Battery running out? Not anymore with your enduring earbuds. They have a long-lasting battery, which will be sufficient for you to enjoy your music sessions, online classes, or meetings. 

They get designed keeping under consideration the needs of a hectic life, so they are easily adaptable to all the lifestyles and needs.


We all know that the best earbuds with microphones are the ones that don't feel like a burden to our ears. We all don't want an earbud, which at the end of a hectic day gives you strain on the ear or is the cause of discomfort to us. Weight plays a decisive role in wearing. The more light-weighted earbuds will be, the longer they can get worn.


We all have experience malfunctioning microphones that come with average hands-free, but that's not the problem with earbuds with microphones.

Earbuds come with built-in microphones that help in smooth communication, conferencing, and access. It has the benefit that it is more localized to your mouth and thus, enabling a good sound quality.


Risk Of Losing An Earbud

Honestly, there is a fair degree of chances of losing one of the earbuds with a microphone.

Yes! It will be painful; losing your two precious earbuds is going to give you, one might say, a mild heart attack. It's easy for them to be misplaced or get lost because they are considerably small. So handling them without their cases seems to be a risky task.

Hearing Loss

They are like small speakers place just right next to your eardrum. So they do carry equal chances of giving you hearing complications. Of course, these things don't just happen overnight.

The usage of loud noise for prolonged periods increases the risk of impaired hearing. Blasting music for quite a long time comes with its consequences.

Health Risk

Wireless headphones with a microphone in them run on Bluetooth. It is low non-ionizing radiation. 

Though these radiations are of low frequency, there is growing concern about their effect on human health. Nevertheless, there is a piece of growing evidence that non-ionizing EMR carries the risk of health effects.

Buying Guide For Earbuds With Microphones

Now that I have walked you through the pros and cons, buying yourself an earbud with a microphone doesn't look that hard now.

Do not remain still stuck with your average hands-free? It's time for you to get over them and buy your first earbuds with a microphone from Happy Plugs.

The earbud with a microphone will be your best buy from Happy Plugs because the features at this price range are unbeatable! And you know what's so great about them is their long-standing battery life of 30-40 hours that sticks with you through thick and thin.

These AirPods are a game-changer with their 2-4 inbuilt mics which, offer crystal clear voice quality. Airpods, due to their size and their ease of portability take, points over headphones. They are great for receiving calls, holding conferences, or just having your regular jam session with your friends.

The added feature of noise cancellation will help you escape this world into the realms of music. So with the best mics, battery life, and voice quality what, are you waiting for? Go and get your hands on the hot seller of town.

Please do head over to Happy Plug's official website to look over the wide range of earbuds with microphones, which they offer, keeping in mind your needs and pros.

Below are some solid reasons for you to buy the earbuds with a microphone from Happy Plugs:


Happy Plug offers excellent coverage for all your needs, be it at the office or home. Happy Plugs gives you a wide range to select your perfect piece.

Just like that, Happy Plugs model AIR 1 PLUS offers you 40hours of coverage, and Happy Plugs AIR 1 ANC offers 38 hours! So you don't miss out on anything! 


Happy Plugs are light weighted and easy breezy. They give a pleasurable experience for long hours without putting a strain on the ears.

The Happy Plugs AIR 1 PLUS weight barely 4g per earbud. They are for you to enjoy music and conversation without you even knowing you're wearing them.

Sweat Resistance

Want to go on running? But it gets all sweaty, and doesn't want to risk your earbuds? Happy Plugs got you covered with their exquisite range. Happy plugs from their tremendous range of versatility offer you Happy Plug AIR 1 PLUS that is sweat resistance, so say no to boring workouts!


Happy Plugs has solved the microphone problem with built-in microphones in great variety. If you're looking for an earbud with a good microphone, you are at the right place.

Happy Plug AIR 1 ZEN offers four microphones! Happy Plug AIR 1 ANC and Happy Plug AIR 1 PLUS offer dual microphones. Choose the best according to your accommodation.

All In One Star

Happy Plugs are all for one and one for all. They go equally well with both of the operating systems. Your operating system is not the problem anymore. 

So check Happy Plugs AIR 1 PLUS, the QUALCOMM QCC3020 chipset at the heart of it. It supports Bluetooth 5.1 and SBC, aptX, and AAC audio codec means it runs smoothly with all Android and IOS devices.

Bio Master

YES! You have read the right bio master antimicrobial technology. I don't think this could get any better than this. 

Bio master uses silver antimicrobial additives, which provide good hygiene and ensuring hard-core safety of your ears. If you're looking forward to a great buy, the Happy Plug model AIR 1 ZEN is for you to have.

Contemporary Design

No matter what's your style is, Happy Plugs have got it all. Happy plugs offer a great spectrum of colors and designs from which you can choose, be it, Happy Plug model, PINK GOLD AIR 1 ZEN to WHITE MARBLE Air 1 PLUS, you are going to rock in them!

Active And Passive Noise Cancellation

Happy Plugs happily offer their wide range of excellent products with noise cancellation features. Passive noise cancellation like the one in Happy Plug AIR 1 ZEN and active noise cancellation in Happy Plug AIR 1ANC will provide you long uninterrupted hours of usage.

Aptec Codec

The ever-fascinating Happy Plug AIR 1 PLUS runs on aptX-codecs. It ensures a pure and clean wireless sound experience for IOS and Android users.

Efficient Charging

Happy Plugs earbuds with a microphone offer fast wireless charging for your non-stoppable active lifestyle!


Happy Plugs give you the option of a customizable fit. Moreover, they come as in earbuds and in-ear models. It is fantastic because every ear has its match.

I will advise you to first know about your perfect fit. For example, earbuds do not fit in my ears and easily fall off by some random movements. It got bothersome over time because then I would repeatedly have to insert them in my ears!

Happy Plugs offers a great adjustable fitting that is easily adaptable to your ear size and shape. It provides a good grip on your ears. And they even provide extra silicon tips with the inner ones like in Happy Plug AIR 1 PLUS INEAR, so what are you waiting for? Go and get yours now. 


Happy Plugs delivers its product globally by fast shipping. They are designed in Sweden, manufactured in China, and exported to various countries in the world.

It brings me to the end of our discussion. I am mentioning the website of Happy Plugs: www.happyplugs.com. I hope you will explore your compatible earbuds with a microphone soon!

Happy Plug-ing!



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