Ear Headphones: Benefits, Pros, Cons, Buying

Ear headphones are gradually becoming a part of our lives. From listening to music in isolation for inner peace; to listening to music amid a standing crowd in a moving train and cutting off from noises, ear headphones are becoming a charm now.

Finding headphones that go with your savings, expenses and contains all good features is a tricky task to do. We are here with a guide on Ear Headphones: Benefits, Pros, Cons, Buying. 

Ear headphones deliver the best sound quality because they have noise cancellation features in them. It allows the user to focus on their works and avoiding unwanted noises from the surrounding. It can be the absolute fit for many people because of its design and offers durability and comfort.

Deciding whether you want your ear headphones to have wires or wireless is a considerable milestone. First, let's analyze what type suits your needs best! 

Wired Or Wireless?

Ear headphones can come with wires, which means they are connected to devices directly (such as mobile phones, laptops, etc.).

On the other hand, ear headphones without wires use a Bluetooth system to send and receive the audio signal.

Let's first see the unique pros and cons associated with wired ear headphones. Then we will head over to see the pros and cons that are unique to wireless ear headphones. Lastly, we will talk about features that both wired and wireless ear headphones offer.

Wired Ear Headphones Pros

Wired Ear Headphones Deliver The Best Audio Quality To Its User

Research has found that wired headphones deliver better sound quality over Bluetooth models. Something that probably won't surprise many. Every tested Bluetooth codec had problems with audio streaming quality, while wired headphones consistently deliver a perfect audio signal.

It means that ear headphones that have wired connections to devices, such as smartphones, laptops, etc., have a ruling position in delivering sound properly. 

There is no signal loss while the transfer of audio, which makes wired ear headphones, in this regard, better than the wireless headphones with microphone installed with Bluetooth for connecting with devices. 

But many compelling facts are yet to get revealed!

No Distance Problem

As the name implies, wired headphones get wired to the device, which means the sound is transferred directly via the wires to the ear headphones.

In the wireless ear headphones, if the user wearing the ear headphones goes more than some considerable distance away from the device, then the connectivity will be disturbed. 

But in wired ear headphones, the connection is direct between your ear headphones and your device. It frees you from the trouble of having distance between both things.

It liberates you from the added factor of distance manipulation on the ability of ear headphones performance.

With Your Wired Ear Headphones, You Can Connect To A Wide Range Of Devices

Your wired ear headphones can get connected to devices that do not support Bluetooth for connections. It includes CD players, TV, etc. 

It means these headphones in this regard give a plus point over the wireless headphones with mic.

There is no need to arrange additional Bluetooth devices for devices that do not have the built-in ability to use Bluetooth connectivity. It is a saving on your pocket! 

Wired Ear Headphones Cons


Wired Ear Headphones Can Be A Hassle For Many People

Using wired ear headphones can be chaos sometimes. You are in a gym and running on the treadmill.

Suddenly the wires of your ear headphones get strangled in your hands as you are running. Then you have to stop. Untangle the wires and start over.

No one wants to waste time in such hassle. Wired ear headphones will give you a bit of trouble in this regard!

Wireless Ear Headphones Pros


They Do Not Cause You Bothersome

Wireless ear headphones are best in this regard. They give you the freedom of movement and allows you to enjoy your everyday tasks without any restrictions.

You can jog on a long track while listening to your favorite music without the wires of your ear headphones snuggling you.

You can listen to healing music and dancing during the night without entangling in the wires of your wireless ear headphones. Sounds cool!

Your Wireless Ear Headphones Can Have The Best Audio Quality With Aptx Codec Technology

You might be wondering what is meant by aptx codec technology? People say that wired ear headphones deliver the best audio and sound quality. It is because they have a direct connection to the devices such as smartphones.

And wireless ear headphones that use a Bluetooth system to connect to the devices are not efficient enough because the signals get lost while transferring in the midst.

aptX™ audio technology gets designed to enhance the wireless sound quality of many of the world's finest smartphones, speakers, headphones, and tablets. Previously, these devices often had a reputation for providing average quality sound via Bluetooth, but aptX helps Bluetooth-enabled products overcome that barrier as it is designed to consistently deliver higher quality audio wirelessly.

Wireless Ear Headphones Cons

Increasing Distance Between The Device And Your Wireless Ear Headphones Affects The Quality Of Sound

If you move farther away from your wireless ear headphones, the audio quality will be adversely affected. Wireless headphones have this major drawback. They cannot perform well if the distance between the device and headphones is considerably high.

It will cause the deterioration of the signals, which will directly result in a poor connection. Thus, the sound you will be hearing can be affected.

Pros Of Ear Headphones (Wired And Wireless Combined):

Up till now, we have seen the pros and cons that were specific to each ear headphones type. Now we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages, which come with ear headphones in general.


Are you tired of getting distracted again and again by surrounding noises while you are in your meeting or taking your online class? If you are searching for a peaceful time while doing your important tasks, you should purchase yourself a hood ear headphone, which offers you a cut-off noise feature.

It will help you isolate yourself from the surrounding unwanted sounds that irritate you. You can have your healing time all alone and enjoy your favorite music without letting the chattering around interfere with your enjoyment!

There are some types of this feature. You can have ear headphones that completely cut off the noise from your surroundings. It will block all the sounds around you. Another type is the one that includes cancels sound to a maximum level, which means some sounds from your surroundings can still listen.

So the next time, even if someone is beating drum rolls beside you, you can still focus on your work without any annoyance.

Ear Headphones Give You An Appealing Look

Your ear headphones give you a charming look. It not only gives you an attractive look but also makes your life active. You can walk, jog, exercise, or run with your headphones on. You can dance wearing your ear headphones. You can do any task you want to do and enjoy your audio sounds!




Good ear headphones give its user comfort. It means you would not feel any pains in-ear or around the ears by wearing ear headphones. Instead, quality ear headphones promise to give the user a high degree of comfortable moments. 

Searching for comfortable ear cushions is also an important task. No one would like to spend money on some ear headphones, which do not give contentment to its user.

While purchasing ear headphones for yourself, look for the material of the ear cushion and the headband. The material should be soft and flexible so that the user feels at ease at using them.

Your Ear Headphones Are Portable

Ear headphones are easy to carry anywhere you want to go. They can be your best companion on a long boring flight. They can be fitted in your briefcases and would not take much of your space. 

Cons Of Ear Headphones (Wired And Wireless Combined)

Long Exposure Of Sounds From Ear Headphones Can Affect Hearing Abilities

Listening to audio from an ear headphone for elongated periods can be detrimental for your ears. We discussed that ear headphones are good at noise cancellation and deliver all audio to your ears directly.

It means if you use them for elongated periods, then your ears may start to irritate. Or you can also get your hearing ability damaged.

Ear headphones that do not have a system to manage the maximum levels of sound it delivers to its user's ears are not good.

Exposure to loud sounds for any length of time causes fatigue of the ear's sensory cells. The result is temporary hearing loss or tinnitus (a ringing sensation in the ear). A person enjoying a loud concert may come out experiencing 'muffled' hearing or tinnitus.

Buying Summary

By now, we have seen a lot of things that will decide your choice of ear headphones. Ear headphones are for every age group. There is no restriction in this regard.

Now let's precisely revisit everything, which will help you in making the final decision. You have to decide whether you want to buy wired ear headphones or wireless ear headphones.

You have to look for good battery life in your ear headphones. Well, this is a feature you should be looking for in your headphones. No matter you opt for wired or wireless headphones. The battery is the soul of your ear headphones. It is the reason your ear headphones will out form and will function for a long time. It will save you from the hassle of recharging them.

Wired or wireless, but the ear headphones must be good at noise cancellation. You have to select a product that gives you the best protection from unwanted noises in the surrounding. 

Next, search for durability in your ear headphones. They should not be sensitive to get easily broken. Look for comfort in wearing them, such that your ears do not hurt even if you use them for long periods. 

Pick a color that best matches your personality and goes with your charm. Remember to buy yourself ear headphones that will later not make you regret your choice.

Happy ear headphone buying!

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