Help: Shop Safely


Safe shopping at Happy Plugs

You should always feel safe when shopping at Happy Plugs. Therefore, we offer 30 day return policy on all orders, flat rate shipping to the whole world and customer service in e-mail. Happy Plugs are align with the Swedish Consumer Purchases law in the event of complaints, read more on Happy Plugs is owned by Happy Plugs AB (556885-5038) Kungsgatan 4B 111 43 Stockholm.

Payment Technology

We can not see or store your credit card and bank information, the information you provide at the time of payment is sent directly to the bank’s payment system where information is treated securely. All communication with your credit card and bank information is handled is sent securely using encryption.

3D Secure

We use a payment system called 3D Secure. 3DSecure is a technique developed by VISA to verify you as a consumer when you pay with your card on Internet. This is the standard also used by MasterCard. This technology means that when you use your card to purchase goods or services on the Internet, it is up to your card issuer or bank to identify you. 3DSecure works so that when the customer wants to pay, you enter your credit card number. Via encrypted communication the payment is controlled by the card company through a special security server. The client identifies itself with a password, the bank verifies and seller gets OK to carry out the purchase.

Your details

When you are shopping at Happy Plugs your details will be registered with us, but not credit card or bank details. By law, we must inform you of this. You have the right to request to take part of your information. If there is something wrong, you can get it changed, or deleted. For more information or questions, please contact our customer service. All your information stays with us and is not sold to third party. Nobody but us, and you know what you have typed.