Happy Plugs 🖤 Rock

We strongly believe in the power of music. Happy Plugs is all about music and brings you the tech accessories to experience your favourite tunes wherever you are while still looking fashionable.

It’s time to show you our Rock genes. Rock music has a special place in the heart of the Happy Plugs Family and is often blasting out loud at the HQ. The soundtrack of the early years of Happy Plugs was strongly influenced by 30 Seconds to Mars so it is not strange that our very first Co-Lab edition headphones featured TSTM and Jared Leto himself.

Elvis, Chuck Berry or Eric Clapton?  Regardless of who was the first real Rock’n Roll singer, or who made the first Rock song, most people agree that rockn’roll music has its origins in American Blues of the Southern States. The genre has served as an expression of rebellion and protest against society and was part of shaping the first real teenage culture during the 50’s.  The stars of the early days of rock evolved to be iconic superstars of the world, and are still influencing todays music genrers and artists.

One thing is for certain – as much as “Sex, Drugs & Rock’n Roll” has formed the genre into the iconic and timeless culture we know as Rock Music, the passion and love for the music and emotions has always remained.

Let’s rock this week!


Happy Plugs President & Founder Andreas Vural loves rock music, listen to his playlist here: