Happy Plugs ❤️ House Music

At Happy Pluggs we believe in the power of music. Happy Plugs is all about music and it is part of our DNA. We proudly present to you a month with the focus of giving you happiness with music. Imagine the idea of looking fabulous in happy accessories while enjoying your favourite song. Happy Plugs bring you the sound of joy which will make your experience even better!

We believe that great music will make you feel better and feel more – it can make us run faster, dance harder or jump higher. Music lifts our feelings to a higher level, in any direction and can easily lift us up when being down.

We kick of this “Music Month” by giving you the most popular genres of this time – House Music. House is a genre of electronic dancemusic and has been the current standard of “club music” since the late eighties. The mood, compared to disco, is typically a bit darker and minimalist as house music uses many other sounds including synths, funk, and soul. Artists like Avicii, Kygo, David Guetta and Swedish House Maffia are almost Godlike to some people.

We wish you a happy week of House!

Happy Plugs Poster - Music For Life 01


At Happy Plugs HQ we are all music lovers and we listen to our very different personal playlists whilst working on worldwide fame for Happy Plugs. We would love to share the playlists with you and first out is Fredrik – our Junior Designer – He loves Electro and here’s his playlist: