Launching the Ear Piece Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Happy Plugs proudly presents its new flagship product – the Ear Piece, a wireless headphone that fuses state-of-the-art technology and minimalistic Swedish design with the ability to transform the headphones into a necklace when not using them. The Ear Piece is elegant and styled like a piece of jewelry, that lets you move freely with Bluetooth and control calls and music on all your devices.

– “From the day that Happy Plugs was born we’ve always had a vision of making wireless headphones. Bulky batteries and other big components made it impossible for us to create something slim, beautiful and elegant” says Andreas Vural, founder and president of Happy Plugs.

The Ear Piece – necklace and headphones combined and the only headphone you’ll never hide away in your bag or pocket. Designed with faceted clean lines, refined metal looks and a distinctive silhouette combined with a beautiful balanced sound experience, this is the addition to the wardrobe as your most justified accessory to date.

Happy Plugs Ear Piece Bluetooth wireless headphones is available at in two color designs – Black & White.

  • Jesper Pettersson

    sweeeet! gonna order Black & Gold immediately 😀

    • Happy Plugs


  • Saara

    How much are these? 😍

    • Happy Plugs

      They will retail at 89 USD

  • Question. Will this work on all devices? Not just Apple devices? 😀

    • Happy Plugs

      Yes it will work on all devices 🙂

  • Christine Chu

    Will this come in the ear-bud shape?

    • Happy Plugs

      Unfortunately it won’t.

  • Saara

    What day they come on sale?😎🤔

    • Happy Plugs

      The end of October, stay tuned for the release date to be announced shortly!

  • Kim

    I’m really looking forward to these…can’t wait for the announcement so I can place my order

    • Happy Plugs

      The Ear Piece is available for Pre-Order now 🙂