Sweden – the country where the lingonberries grow and the sun never sets in the summer. Sweden is known for the beautiful green hills and the Swedes for their passion for fika (having your daily coffee or tea with something sweet).

Sweden is also the country that gave the world the companies with the capital letters – H&M, IKEA and ABBA. It’s amazing how a small country like Sweden is able to produce so many creative persons and companies. Minimalistic, timeless and simplicity are words that often comes up when describing Swedish design.


When visiting Sweden for the first time it will most definitely hit you that Swedes got style! Fashion is Swedens middle name and you will probably ask yourself – How do they look so good and what’s their secret?!

It dosen’t have to be that hard. Just walk down the streets of Stockholm and let the inspiration come to you. Everywhere you look you will find stylish people and sleek designs, and the best thing is that it dosen’t have to cost you a fortune. Sweden is great in affordable fashion and wallet friendly options.

Sweden is not just known for the minimalistic fashion and design, It’s also great in music and tech innovations. You have probably heard names like Avicii, Ace of Base and Swedish House Maffia which is some of the most successful music exports in the world. We’re pretty sure that you’re also familiar with programs like Skype and Spotify as a part of your everyday life, yes you get the picture – also a Swedish innovation.

Happy Plugs is born and raised in Sweden and we couldn’t be more proud of our fashionable heritage. We have worked hard to keep the “Swedish” in our products, but more about that next time.