Here is 8 valentines gifts depending on your relationship status.

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1. Single, a gift for yourself   The Love Cable. A two meter long charger so you easily can tinder from bed.



2. Single, a gift for yourself  A pair of really expensive shoes. Because you love yourself & you deserve it.


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3. The Best friend, the only relationship you truly need – The wireless Ear Piece. So you can talk with your bestie at all times, even when she’s putting on her makeup.



4. The Best friend, the only relationship you truly need – A Margarita Kit. Because you should celebrate valentines day together with your bestie, tequila & lime.



5. The Boyfriend, sets the standard – Season tickets to his favourite sport. He will love you almost as much as the sport.



6. The Girlfriend, she deserves it all  – A Happy breakfast in bed with extra everything, in Paris, with a view over the Eiffel tower.


Sound Piece Small Black 03

7. Your crush, time to impress – The Sound Piece Mini. To bring as a gift to the blind date in the park that you have invited to, to set the right mood.



8. Your crush, time to impress – A watch and a card. On the card you write where the date will take place and you will set the right time on the watch.