Visting a city for the first time is fun and exciting but can also be a bit confusing. You want to find the best spots and make the best out of the trip, not get stucked in the tourist traps. So what better way to get to know the right places in a new city other than to ask the people who lives there?

Our inspiring influencers are located all over the world, so to create the ultimate city guide for you we have asked them to give us their best hidden spots in their hometown. Let’s start out with the beautiful Monique Escapeti, @nikiescapeti on Instagram. She lives in the vivid city of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.   


The 22 year old Monique is born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. She has a graduation in Journalism and works as a Social Media consultant at GBD Entertainment.

WHEN DID YOU BECOME AN INFLUENCER?  I think it was in the beginning of Instagram. I have always loved to communicate and take pictures as I tried to be an actress when I was a child. One year ago I started my blog where I talk about life, fashion, soul and healthy things.


WHAT DO YOU DO ON A DAY OF? On a day off I LOVE to take care of me, do spa at home, go to the gym, sleep as well haha and watch Netflix.

HOW WOULD SOMEONE GET YOUR SPECIAL ATTENTION? I think it is when the person shows me what he or she really is. Life is easier and better when we are honest with a good energy.