“Black is the new black” is a well known statement in the fashion industry. It basically means that wearing all-black ensembles you’ll never be out of style. “Wireless is the new black” is the new IT saying and after trying the Ear Piece for the first time you’ll never go back to wires again. The feeling of being free and independent without any wires will make your life easier. Just imagine doing your make up in the morning without holding your phone, or talking to your best friend while having your lunch. This awesome piece will make all possible and it’s this seasons fashion must-have.

Powerful in white

A White outfit is a womens secret they say. An all white outfit can symbolise a lot of things – humanity, optimism, celebration and neutrality often all at once. Stylist Jonathan Simkhai says “I love the statement of a white dress – I think it embodies confidence and female strength”. Some of our most powerful women of today are known for their powerful white outfits, names like Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Hilary Clinton and Angelina Jolie.

So embrace the power and dare to dress in crisp white for a day at the office, we promise you that you will feel a little more confident and brave, and don’t forget about the white and rose gold Ear Piece to complete the outfit.

Dress up in pink

Just because we’re heading against a darker season it doesn’t mean that your outfit has to. Let’s not get stuck in the cycle of endless black, grey and more black outfits. You will get surprised how much a splash of color will brighten upp your look and hopefully even your day. Pink is the color of positivity, hope and warm feelings – perfect to add to a black business outfit, match it with the sapphire black Ear Piece and your outfit is done.