Loud noises can be intimidating to kids’ ears, and prolonged exposure can lead to ear complications.

This is because kids are sensitive to sounds, and their ear canals and eardrums haven’t developed fully. However, this does not mean they should not use headphones when listening to music or doing online classes. 

Noise-canceling headphones help block surrounding noise, thereby removing the urge to increase the volume when listening to music.

You can also use these headphones even when you’re not listening to anything. Some people use noise-canceling headphones to help themselves fall asleep on long flights.

Other things to consider when selecting headphones for your kids include style, safety, comfort, and functionality. The best headphones for kids should also feel more lightweight, age-appropriate size, comfortable, and easy to use.

How noise-isolation headphones work

Ideally, noise-canceling headphones should cancel outside noise to reduce the wearer’s urge to drown out distraction by raising the volume.

However, noise isolation headphones for kids work passively, the same way that earplugs do.

These headphones are equipped with earcups and earpads designed to physically block outside noise from entering the ear. They block as much mid- and high-frequency noise as possible while remaining comfortable. So you get the best of both worlds: active and passive noise reduction.


Are noise-isolation headphones safe for kids?

Yes. Noise-isolation headphones are very beneficial for kids because they help preserve your child’s hearing while keeping them entertained.

As previously mentioned, noise-isolation headphones remove background noises, allowing the wearer to experience clearer sound. In addition, your kids no longer feel the need to raise the headphones’ volume to ear-damaging levels.

Some kids’ headphones also include additional hearing protection, such as a volume-limiting function for limiting audio output to safe listening level.

Noise-isolation headphones help Improves kids’ focus and attention

But more than that, these headphones can help kids focus on tasks by blocking out distractions.

When used in a classroom setting, noise-isolation headphones can help kids stay on task and improve their focus.

This is especially beneficial for children who have trouble with auditory processing or attention span issues.

They help reduce stress and anxiety

Constant exposure to loud sounds doesn’t just damage your child’s hearing, they’re also known to cause stress responses in children.

This type of stress doesn’t just disrupt your kid’s concentration but can also impact their health and impair cognitive development. In worse cases, some children can develop anxiety due to hyperacusis, a chronic condition caused by increased sensitivity to sound. 

Noise-canceling/isolating headphones can also help reduce stress and anxiety in children.

Having a good pair of noise-canceling/isolating headphones helps minimize your child’s exposure to bothersome background noise and helps keep our stress levels in check. For kids who are sensitive to sound, the gentle hum of the headphones can be soothing and help kids fall asleep more easily. 

Kids need comfortable noise-isolation headphones

When choosing a pair of noise-isolation headphones for your child, it is critical to pick one that fits well.

Kids are easily distracted, so they are unlikely to endure long hours of feeling uncomfortable. The wrong fit could result in them turning the volume up too loud because they feel like they can’t hear.

Make sure you get your child well-fitting headphones to keep the discomfort away. This also ensures that ear cuffs work more efficiently to block out background noise, thus aiding your child’s concentration. 

Some kids’ headphones come with an over-the-ear design with comfort padding along the top and sides. You’ll want them to be adjustable so that your kid can get as much of a custom fit as possible. This fit design is quite comfortable and good for noise isolation.

If your kiddo is insistent on earbuds, you can get them on-ear headphones, which are small, more lightweight, and allow better air circulation around the ears.  

Noise Canceling Headphones for Kid : Bottom Line

Noise-canceling/isolating headphones are not only for adults but also for kids. Children have sensitive earbuds that cannot withstand loud noises. Once damaged, sensory cells which are responsible for hearing, cannot regenerate.

There is no medical or surgical cure for noise-induced hearing loss. Thus, to protect their delicate ears and prevent damage, getting them noise-canceling headphones is necessary. 

You may also want to pay attention to volume control - the World Health Organisation recommends an 85dB-limited volume range. Look for headphones with built-in volume control, especially for younger kids who may not be aware enough to know limits on their own.

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