We love Le Bon Marché


Well-known department store Le Bon Marché in Paris, France is now retailing Happy Plugs. The department store has a great history since 1838 and sells a wide range of high-end goods. Our Happy Plugs are also found online, Check out Le Bon Marché ››

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Nordstrom next in line


The great department store Nordstrom is next in line to take on Happy Plugs’ concept. The upscale fashion retailer has 260 stores running in the U.S. and its Swedish origin makes us even more proud of the launch. Check out Happy Plugs on Nordstrom Shop Online

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U.S. launch at Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is the first retailer to take on Happy Plugs in 70 selected stores around the U.S. and Canada. We are thrilled to be available in these trendy lifestyle stores. All of our worldwide retail stores are found in our Store Locator ››

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A flourishing ray of sunshine: Rose Gold

Happy Plugs Headphones Rose Gold

Latest in line is brand new color Rose Gold by Happy Plugs. Shiny enough to make people turn their heads. And not only an eye-catcher but a beautiful way of making good music find its way into your ears. A welcoming novelty in the Deluxe Edition-family. It provides not only a smashing music experience, but […]

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