Entering Milan – the Mecca of fashion


Excelsior is a concept store that offers a mix of aspirational designers and upcoming brands. Behind its facade of video displays and nightclub lighting is a broad selection of fashion and home designs as well as a food and wine market. We are proud that Happy Plugs colorful selection is presented at Excelsior, Galleria del […]

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Happy times in Moscow


ASTORE in Moscow is a one of a kind concept store. The philosophy is to combine art, fashion, design, photography, music and culture from all around the world. Their desire to in an early stage snap up innovative conceptual trends is shown in their great desire to be the first retailer in Russia to carry […]

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Happy Belgium!


SMETS Premium Store in Belgium is the meeting point for Fashion, Design, Art and Beauty. An exceptional and exclusive lifestyle experience with established brands. SMETS proudly presents Happy Plugs and the wide range of lovable colors. Find your way to SMETS in our Store Locator

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